A good friend tagged me and my daughter one day in Facebook.  It was an 18 inch American Girl Doll that was wearing a red shirt, pink and red pettiskirt and white boots.  She said she tagged me because she think the American Girl Doll is wearing a pettiskirt just like the ones I make.  When I saw it, I was surprised.  What a Doll Collector item! She resembles my precious little one (at least the clothes looked liked my daughter’s and the doll’s hair was medium brown and the eyes were blue and my daughter’s hair and eyes are black).

I suddenly remembered when my daughter joined a contest last July 2012, she wore the exact same outfit.  The doll’s curly hair and the bangs looked exactly like my daughter’s.

I fell in love with the doll of course. But it was not a very practical buy as it is almost $100.00.  When I posted in Facebook that the doll looked exactly like my daughter, luckily one of my aunts said she will buy the doll for my daughter.  And so she did.

 I communicated with Harmony Club Dolls during the entire purchase process through Facebook and Email.  They are very nice.  I can’t thank them enough because they are very accomodating.  I also got a very pretty Jungle Boogie outfit from them.  My daughter also have a zebra pettiskirt that looks exactly like my daughter’s zebra pettiskirt.  The same outfits are all coincidental, I think.  I had these pettiskirts since last year, and I found same pettiskirts in 18 inch dolls sizes.  So cute!

Look how very beautiful these dolls are.  I chose the Olivia 18 inch american girl doll that has brown curly hair with bangs and brown eyes like my daughter’s hair and eyes. And it resembles her very well (I think), like she’s Vien’s mini-me.  So I call her Avienda Doll. I think Olivia Doll looks like Vien when she was still a baby.

I really think Harmony Club Dolls are worth buying.  Especially if they look like your little girls.  Why don’t you check out their website and shop www.shop.harmonyclubdolls.com and, blog harmonyclubdollspeaceloveharmony.blogspot.com and facebook www.facebook.com/harmonyclubdollspeaceloveharmony and see if you can find a doll that looks like your girl.  It is a true collector’s item.

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