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Want to feature The Pettiskirt with your little princess’ photos on our homepage?

Feature The Pettiskirt worn by your little girls

We are accepting cute pictures of little girls wearing The Pettiskirt.  Send their cute, fab and pretty photos to feature@thepettiskirt.com.  Include the name, location, date the picture was taken and the name of the photographer who took the picture.  Please also include the event if the pettiskirt is worn on a major event like fashion shows, photoshoot events, TV shows and ads, movies, etc.  A template is provided below for the details required for Feature The Pettiskirt.

For Feature The Pettiskirt, we highly encourage that you send portrait photos (vertical photos), but we also accept landscape photos.  Please send clear and bright pictures.  Minimum file size: 500kb. Maximum file size: 1MB. We accept up to three (3) photos of each kid.

Please note that when you send your pictures, you are authorizing Christine Everth – The Pettiskirt, to use the kids’ pictures on our website.  In case you want to have the picture removed, you may also email us directly.  Not all photos submitted will be chosen to be featured in the homepage, but may be chosen to be featured in the blog pages and will definitely be posted in the official facebook account and fanpage.

Please include the template below when you send the photos of our kids for Feature The Pettiskirt.  Highlight, copy and paste to email, and fill out.

Feature The Pettiskirt Submission Template


Your name:
Relation to the kid:
Full name of the kid:
Name of Photographer:
Event the photo was taken (if applicable):

I authorize Christine Everth – The Pettiskirt to use my daughter’s photo on the website, http://www.thepettiskirt.com (http://www.christineeverth.com), and on the official facebook pages and accounts.  I give permission to edit and put watermarks on the photos.


Feature The Pettiskirt

Models on the photo:
Avienda Arteta
Bave dela Cruz
Caine Sy
Sophia Riona Castro



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