Kaiya Eve

Kaiya Eve is the inspiration of Christine Everth – The Pettiskirt.  It’s not the namesake.  It is purely coincidental that my name is somewhat similar to Kaiya Eve and that I love their pettiskirts.  I fell in love with Kaiya Eve pettiskirts the first moment I saw them 2 years ago.  I said I wanted one, but it was just too expensive for me.  A friend actually spent almost P20,000 (Philippine Pesos) for two skirts including shipping.  And I didn’t have that luxury for my little girl.  I still don’t really.

Sad News About Kaiya Eve

A pettiskirt seller in the US sent a newsletter that Kaiya Eve will be closing this 2011.  It was a truly sad news for me.  My inspiration is saying goodbye.  The designer will be moving on to greener pastures I hope.   Her pettiskirt line has come to an end.  The last stocks and selection you will find online and on stores will be the last that will be sold.  Oh, I so love that raspberry color pettiskirt.

I guess I will have to order at least one for my little girl.  It will be a collector’s item soon.  This is definitely a must-have for my pettiskirt collection.  Even just one.

Kaiya Eve Website

I hope they will not take down the Kaiya Eve website.  I still want to see photos of little girls in their gallery.  I love watching little girls wearing fascinating pettiskirts and tops.  But I just visited the website and it currently says account suspended.  That’s so sad.

kaiya eve

Goodbye, Kaiya Eve.

14 Responses to Goodbye, Kaiya Eve

  • Heather says:

    I just found out about her closing. Apparently I have been living under a rock. I purchased 14 of her skirts 3 years ago for my daughter’s international school dance and was looking to purchase more when I discovered that she Kandi closed her business. I guess I will just have to treasure the ones we have. If anyone knows where they can still be purchased, I would be forever grateful.

    • Maud Carter says:

      You can still purchase them on this site, I already bought a few things from the site and all of the things I bought came within a month. You can also buy other adorable clothing on here.

    • Lisa-Maree schiavello says:

      Hello there! I am the distributer for kaiya eve here in Australia ! I am fully stocked and at great prices! If you are interested in any kaiya eve stock please contact me!
      Warm regards

  • D says:

    Our product is made the same place as Kaiya eve. In northamerica

  • Rosemarie says:

    My daughters have a few Kaiya Eve pettiskirt but the zebra and the confetti always stand out. Raspberry is a must have if you are looking for a one colour pettiskirt.

    My girls got a lot of compliments with the 2 I mentioned. By the way, the zebra has 3 layers.

    • Christine says:

      Wow! I would love to see your daughter’s zebra pettiskirt. It must be super fluffy as it has 3 layers. My daughter have a zebra pettiskirt too. But I just bought it from a store that imports from China. I would like to see the confetti pettiskirt too. My model (who is in the picture) has a raspberry pettiskirt. It is stunning! I’m having difficulty looking for solid or two-tone Kaiya Eve pettiskirts. It seems they are out of those.

      • Rosemarie says:

        Try Everything But the Princess online store. I think they can ship them to you internationally. I have 2 pettiskirts to pick up tomorrow from my US address, the Fall Fiesta and the Runway Rainbow by Kaiya Eve.

        What size is your daughter? looks like she’s a 4 in Kaiya Eve pettiskirts.

        You can add me in Facebook. The zebra is super fluffy, my girls received a lot of compliments from strangers when they wore them at a birthday party at Rainforest. How can I upload a picture here?

  • Stef says:

    Were there any news as to why Kaiya Eve decided to end their biz?

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