Even before I became a Mom, I dreamed about having my daughter and I wear matching outfits – and in this case, matching holiday shoes.

Photo of Our Matching Holiday Shoes

matching holiday shoes

I had these matching holiday shoes custom made ftom Mandaue, Cebu. The online store’s name is Sam’s Corner in Facebook.  I ordered 1-inch high shoes for my daughter, and 3-inch heels shoes for me.  I love the white color and the sparkly design.  It’s the perfect 2011 matching holiday shoes.

Vien was very thrilled when she saw the matching holiday shoes. She said she loved the shoes.  She wore it right away, without asking for help from me.  Fits her perfectly.

Matching Holiday Shoes and Multi-way Top

Soon, I’m going to make a matching multi-way top for both of us. A dear friend, who also is into sewing hobby, inspired me to also make a multi-way top.  It will be the perfect matching clothes for our matching holiday shoes.  I will post a picture when I finally made the top.

I plan to wear the matching holiday shoes on New Year. . . And maybe on Christmas.  And maybe Vien can wear it too on one of her fashion shows.

I might order again next time. A different design.  I’m enjoying wearing matching outfits with my daughter. It makes me feel more of a mom, and my daughter as my very own.

Matching holiday shoes

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